Slow day at work and I have some questions for those of you who have taken baseball road trips...

So first off I would like to apologize for the length of this post and the fact that it doesn't directly deal with the Braves, but it does deal with baseball, so I thought I would give it a shot.  T

This last year has been pretty crazy for me and I really want to take a kick ass baseball road trip during the summer of 2009. 

My original idea was to drive myself, leaving Sacramento the end of July and hitting up Denver, Kansas City (and the Negro League Hall of Fame), St. Louis, Cincinnati, Chicago, Milwaukee, Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Cooperstown, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC, Boston, and then back to New York.  In New York I would sell my car and fly back to California three weeks later in the middle of August.

My second idea was to fly into Kansas City, rent a car and do the exact same trip, returning the car in New York when I am done.

Now with both of these options I would have to budget for food, gas, hotels, whatever other crap I might buy, I would have to buy my own tickets (which might be hard with the new New York Stadiums and in Boston), plus I would have to drive myself (because I cannot seem to find anybody who wants to go).  Basically I think it would be relatively hard to know what I am going to spend before going on the trip

The other option I have would be to go on a tour through this company, Broach Sports Tours.  Has anybody heard/used them?  If you have what did you think?  This trip would be shorter than mine from August 13-29th.  I would fly into Cincinnati, then travel to St. Louis, Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, DC, New York, Boston, New York, and finish in Baltimore.

Now this option includes: Deluxe Motorcoach, Hotels, Game Tickets, Tours (Chicago, Washington, NYC, Boston and Philly), Admission to the Louisville Bat Factory and the Cooperstown, and a tour of Fenway.  This would cut down on most of the things that I would have to arrange, I would not have to drive, and I would know what I am going to spend (except food and whatever crap I might buy).  However, I don't know how good the tickets are, I don't know who I would be traveling with, and I would be on somebody else's schedule.

On the trip I put together I would make it to 16 stadiums (I could not schedule Detroit). On the tour I would make it to 15 stadiums including Detroit (but not Denver or Kansas City) plus I would not get to see the Negro League Hall of Fame, but I would get to go to the Louisville Bat Factory.

I am asking y'all because I value your opinions as knowledgeable baseball people, and I know that some of you have lots of experience planning these types of trips.  Which option would you choose?  Why?  Is there an option that I am not considering? Last question, does anybody else want to go???

Thanks for your help!


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