I'm Not Worried

Things I like:

1. The bullpen.  People have been going nuts over the starting rotation.  Often, rotations are only as good as the bullpen behind them (Ask Philly).  We have a three armed monster for the late innings (provided everyone is healthy).  Couple in Carlyle, Bennett, and Acosta you have a foundation for a good relief corps.  Hopefully, Cox will make a bit more sense when deciding how to use the talent out there this year.  He left me scratching my head numerous times.

2. The Bench.  Still have a great utility player in Infante.  Martin Prado, if he hangs around, will also be useful.  We resigned Norton which is also a plus.  You just can underestimate the value of a pinch hitter who hits both ways in the National League.  Furthermore, he LIKES that role and can play several corner positions.  Diaz I like as well, though we've seen that maybe his days as an everyday starter are limited.  The guy clobbers pitching when he's going well.  We'll also have the luxury of probably having a speedster on the bench (Anderson, Hernandez, et al) who will take over that pinch runner role that Pete Orr had for so long.

Things I don't like

1. Left Field:  To me, this is more important than an ace pitcher at this point.  It seems obvious that we must have someone to protect Chipper.  I like our lineup if we can get that hole filled (and Francouer gets back to form). 

2. The rotation.  I know, old news.  However, I'm not that down on the hurlers.  All I ask for is consistency.  It's unnerving to watch Reyes pitch 8 shutout and then in his next start give up 5 in the first. 

Long story short, I hope the Braves go for consistent innings eaters and a big bat fo the outfield.  We have the stoppers in the late innings.  However, I don't think the Braves can afford another season of our starters going four innings. 

Again, look at Philly.  ONE pitcher over 200 innings.  Only two starters with an ERA under 4.00.  But, they clubbed teams to death and shut the door in the 7th, 8th, and 9th.  The Braves are in a position to do just the same in 2009, I think.  If Lowe is enticed to jump aboard, I feel even better. 

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