Pure Speculation ...

I just finished reading a handful of articles that appear to be lending credibility to a KC/ATL trade (see title!).  So, I thought I'd put MY spin on a potential trade.  First this:

Joe Posnanski writes about some clubhouse troubles in KC.  He makes reference to open mocking of the manager.  I take this, combined with Dayton Moore's openness about his team's lack of performance this year, as a sign they're about to "shake things up".

Next article:

MLBtr references another article written by Joe Posnanski (link in MLBtr article) where is hypothesizes that Francoeur will soon be a Royal (almost at the end of the original article).  Fair enough, a beat writer speculating isn't all that unique.  But, considering Francoeurs performance, his public whining about being demoted and his refusal to sign any form of a contract and i'm starting to wonder if he isn't on his way out.

Then there's this (from Bob Dutton KC Star):

Some interesting quotes in there from MGR Trey Hillman.  Looks like KC might be souring a bit on prized prospect Alex Gordon.  This doesn't really pertain to Francoeur, but it got me to wondering (this is where the speculation comes in play) about a Francouer for Gordon swap.

Yes, I know, we have Chipper at 3B.  My argument here is Chipper isn't in (or at least shouldn't be in) our long term plans and since next year is likely a throw away year, why not try and get something for him (P.S. Chipper is one of my favorite players and I would hate to see him leave, but I feel like we need to focus on what's best for us in two/three years).  Moving Francoeur and using a stop gap next year clears the way quite nicely for Heyward, this way he won't have to deal with the whole "replacing Francoeur" BS.

OK, so I went WAY out of the way to make a case.  It's been a little slow around here lately and I figured, with our season in the tank, I'd try and prompt some traffic.

Flame away!

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