Doubleheader last night

I just thought that a new fan post about last night's game would be more effective than adding to that thread. And, I guess, I'm assuming that people want to talk more about last night's awesome marathon. At least I do, or would want to point out a few things. It was RIDICULOUS!  It was awesome at times, and excruciatingly tense and boring at others.

Yunel went 4-9!!!!!!! Thats crazy.

Mac came in late, really late, and still went 0-5. What's up with that?

Chip, of course, manages to turn a 9-plate appearance into an amazing line.  Wow.  I saw it and I dont believe it.                3-5, 4 BB, HR, 3B, 2 RBI, 3 R..... COME ON MAN!!!!!!

Gonzo, wow, his snake charm is something else. I mean, when its a save opp, he is just ALL over it. Its like he's feeling the ball and pitch surge through him, he's just SO anxious and ready to pitch, he wants it so bad, all while he's almost taunting the batter. He's just like begging them to step in, they dont even have to be ready. In fact, often, they're so off their timing that they just get locked up. He shut Beltran down last year near the end for him, and I remember thinking these same exact thoughts. I LOVE THIS GUY!!!! I've liked him since the get go, and wished he was the 8th inning man, when they had Gonzo-Rafi-whomever that i dont remember right now. 

I'm just totally for this guy, and we should be locking him up good. We cant wait around for Smoltz to see if he'll be the closer, and Rafi's "mysterious" aches are too reminiscent of my old school homeboy Steve Avery.  "Uhh, where'd my speed go?" Yeccchhh, i'm worried for him.

 11 INNINGS of scoreless relief!!!

Again, I saw that with my own eyes, and just flat out cant believe it. As a matter of fact, it sort of pisses me off with this proof that our team IS good, and that they just dont play well together, per se.

Yeah, so's i was just thinking i would get down on this first, since, i figured, if I devoted 4+ hours to baseball already, I should give it a little more. You know, close it out right.

Those damn Astros and their need to play epics with us.

Happy trails.

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