Minor League Recaps: 7/31

Columbus 6, Richmond 4

  • J. Anderson 2-5 SB(28), K
  • B. Lillibridge 3-5 3B, K
  • D. Hernandez 2-3 2B, 2 RBI

Brent Lillibridge has been stupid in his last 10 games with a .452 BA and 7 XBH. He only has 16 on the season total. His average is 'all the way up' to .231 and put together a .381/.462/.706 line for the entire month of July. This guy is almost as much of a second half player as Tex is.

Chattanooga 0, Mississippi 7

  • J. Holt 3-5
  • R. Gorecki 1-5 HR(9)
  • K. Kaaihue 2-4 HR(12), K
  • B. Hicks 2-4 2B, RBI
  • D. Heath 8IP 1H 0R 2BB 7K

Deunte Heath had a perfect game going into the 8th inning tonight but the wheels came off and he surrendered two walks and a single in the 8th to blow that. Aside from that this was his best pitched game of the season and the fact that he went 7 innings without giving up a walk is impressive in and of itself considering his control problems. Brandon Hicks also made his debut in AA tonight with a bit of success.

Lynchburg 6, Myrtle Beach 3

This game was suspended due to rain and will be completed tomorrow. I'll post the results then.


Greenville 3, Rome 0

  • J. Heyward 0-4
  • F. Freeman 1-4 2 K
  • C. Rohrbough 6IP 5H 3R 3BB 11K

Cole's walk rate is up a little but he really isn't having any problem striking guys out so far this season. He has 58K in 44 innings so far and appears to really be getting the feel for his strike out pitches. I'm sure he is still shaking the rust off after being injured for a while. The Braves pitchers on the whole struck out 17 hitters in this game. Too bad the offense didn't have anything.

Pulaski 2, Danville 1

  • C. Shehan 2-4
  • C. Hodges 5IP 3H 1R 3BB 3K

Eh, Casey Hodges has an ERA around 1.36 and has given up 1 run or less in all but 2 of his 10 starts. He is 23 pitching in the Appy League though so take that for what it is worth. I still say that Chris Shehan is going to hit, I'm just not sure what type of hitter he will be and what kind of power he will have.

Braves @ Phillies

As is wont to happen with the GCL scores this game has not been posted yet. Make up something on your own and see if that is entertaining.

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