Autographs, Superheroes, and Milestones - A Good Day

Warning - tons of pictures ahead.  Slow connections be forewarned.

Where is everyone?  I know it is a Friday in the heat of summer, but Pujols, I'm bored, and there is few to banter with.  Ha, I'm just kidding - aside from baseball and TC, I'm sure we've all got our own agendas.  I'll try to keep the word count low, and not try to drag so much, but I am a little slow at work right now, and in a little bit, the full-timers will start bolting.  Freelancers like myself don't quite get the distinction since I can instead charge ludicrous hourly rates.

Anyway, before we embark on our weekend series with the Phillies, and tonight's baffling Jamie Moyer, who always worries me, I thought I'd share some words, and photos, to help me, and maybe help you, pass the time until first pitch.


Lizziebeth, I owe you a coke.  Or something.  Thanks for the heads-up!

So, yesterday, I got to meet Tom Glavine at an appearance he did at Macy's up in Perimeter Mall.  It was a fine example of bait and switch by their local marketing department.  Apparently, the event was advertised in in-game playbills, as well as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, neither of which I actually read.  But nowhere in the literature that I did scope out, mention anything about any pre-requisite purchasing conditions, or anything like that, but when I got to the Macy's, store representatives were trying to tell people that "Mr. Glavine will not sign personal items, only the Macy's provided baseballs valued at $15, acquired with a $35 purchase."

Yeah, try telling that to the 150 people with brand new Rawlings official game balls, baseball gloves, authentic jerseys, and other Official Braves memorabilia.

Either way, I figured, it was better be safe than sorry, so I shelled out $50 for a gift card - I'll eventually use it, and I didn't want to drive back to work empty handed in case the condition was true, or the store employees made sure that it did.


Camera-phone photo.

But as if it any surprise, Tom Glavine showed up, and signed anything, that anyone brought to him, with or without a prerequisite purchase.  A real class act.  I couldn't possibly see him deny an elderly lady in a wheel chair the opportunity to shake his hand.  I got my ball signed without any complications, and went back to work.

Anyway, I was on the ropes about going to the game, since the heartbreaker loss we suffered at the hands of Manny Acosta, as well as the heat of summer finally showing its head, but I had a feeling that there was a good chance Chipper was going to hit 400 - I was there for Smoltz's 200th win, as well as his 3,000th strikeout, so I was liking this whole "seeing milestones" thing occur live.  The conditions were good - Nolasco is a pitcher we've all seen before, and I imagine that Chipper had the itch to get in the game after seeing the team lose the day prior.  He also has those leadership qualities that probably makes him see the urgency of stepping up and hoisting the team onto his shoulders due to the emotional blow we all took with the news that will not be mentioned prior.

All that, and the advice from my fellow TC'ers who encouraged me that I should just go, to which they were right.

Whoa, too many words without a picture.  Quick fix:


Batman, no less the 60's Adam West circa Batman, stealing 3rd base.


Just like Smoltz's 3,000K game, the fans could all feel it.  No more suspense building than having a counter.

And since it was Superhero Night, here are some of the caricatures of the players that were used instead of their player shots:


Better Chipper to be Thor than... Scott Thorman's vignettes from last season.



Teixeira as Hulk, and Heap as Thing.  What's that say about Heap?


And the man of the hour himself, preparing for one of his 4 for 5 hits on the evening.





I think what was more impressive than his 400th Career Homer was the fact that he actually stole a base!  We all know his legs aren't the same pistons they once were, but man did the fans in attendance appreciate his idea of better improving an insurance run.


Between Yunel, Heap and Chipper, there were plenty of fireworks this evening.  But this is from the big one that really counted the most.


Hard to tell from this 400px image, but not a single butt is on its seat.





Pictures from the big screen, capped off with the rare Turner Field curtain call.  Some places are very generous with the curtain calls, but to garner one in Atlanta, apparently, the players must do something real special.


A nice, clean one of the magic number.


At first, I questioned why he was batting in the bottom of the 8th, and jeopardize that beautiful batting average.  But then I realized that we were up by only 2 runs, and that's clearly not enough dealing with the Marlins.


Rafael Soriano, instead of Manny Acosta, coming out to bigjoe's favorite band in the entire world, Saliva's "Ladies and Gentlemen," to protect the lead, and the monumental night.  No losing a night where history has been made this time around.

And that about does it for me.  It isn't often when I decide to bring my camera out to the Ted nowadays, but occasions like this make me glad that I do.

As much as I enjoy traveling for baseball, and seeing all the new parks, I've said it once, I'll say it again, there's no place like home.  Turner Field, not because I am biased, is a fine ballpark; I say it because it's true, and not because it's our home field.

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