Homegrown Talent

As we all know, the Atlanta Braves love to build from the local talent pool.  The team scouts heavily scour the area for hot local talent, and Georgia's a great place where a lot of good players have come out of.  But there's one thing that's got me thinking - is Georgia the best place for pitching prospects?  Off the top of my head, here's a brief list of Georgia pitchers:

Kenny Rogers, LHP
Kevin Brown, RHP
Todd Jones, RHP
John Rocker, LHP
Jason Shiell, RHP
Kyle Davies, RHP
Blaine Boyer, RHP
Macay McBride, LHP
Adam Wainwright, RHP
Micah Owings, RHP

Rogers, Jones, Brown, Rocker - are exempt now, because they are older/retired.

Jason Shiell is on what team again?  San Diego?  Milwaukee?  Exactly.

Did Kyle Davies do anything since giving up A-Rod's 500th homer? 

Blaine Boyer, Macay McBride - no comment.

Adam Wainwright has enjoyed plenty of success, has a ring, and is now the consistent reliable arm in St. Louis.

Micah Owings is now slugging away and pitching away with Webb, Haren, and Unit out in Arizona.

On my count, that makes two reliable starting pitchers to have come out of Georgia in quite some time.  I look at guys historically, like Ryan, DickheadClemens, Beckett, Wood, among others, and assume that all hot-headed fireball throwing American pitchers are all from Texas.  Glavine's from Massachusetts, Smoltz from Michigan.  Everyone's waiting for the next Pedro Martinez to emerge from the Dominican Republic or Venezuela, and the fate of Japanese pitching rests on the successes and failures of Daisuke Matsuzaka since Nomo's finished.

The series of thoughts that brought this little post together was from the notion that the Braves aren't changing anything, in the way they run their team.  Which got me thinking, why build from the local talent, if it can't produce any good pitching?

Commence flames.

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