Pitchers and Catchers Report, Making the Team Meter Returns

The original Making the Team Meter is back for another go-round in 2008. For those of you new to the MTM, it is a listing of all the members of the Braves 40-man roster and all non-roster invitees and their chances of making the team. Throughout the spring I'll track each of these players and give you their chances of making the opening day roster. It's a good way to keep track of all the players in camp and what their role might be.

This year I'll be breaking it up into two different MTM's -- one for pitchers and one for hitters. Each will make an appearance around once a week or as needed to keep up with the pace of the players' progress.

The MTM was copied on several other blogs, so if you see it elsewhere, know that this is still the original (not that it makes any difference whatsoever, I just love branding something as "original").

For the sake of the pitchers I am going to assume that some of them have already made the team -- a safe bet for the following folks. In the rotation I assume John Smoltz, Tim Hudson, and Tom Glavine have already made the team. In the bullpen, Rafael Soriano, Peter Moylan, and Will Ohman are assumed to have already made the team. There's not as many assumptions this year since I think we've got a LOT of different options.

So, here are the pitchers, their chances of making the team, and a note or comment about them. Remember that one's chances of making the team could change depending on trades or injuries, so that's why there's no reason for the guys on the outside to let up, and that's why this is an extremely optimistic assessment of these players' ability to make the team. Enjoy.

Player, Position Chance Notes
Manny Acosta, RHP
He had a good showing last year, and with a strong spring could make the pen.
Jeff Bennett, RHP
Bennett had an excellent season of winter ball; could that momentum earn him a shot at the fifth starter job or bullpen long man?
Blaine Boyer, RHP
He should be fully recovered from his various injuries of the last two years. Remember that he was a force in the 2005 bullpen.
Buddy Carlyle, RHP
Outside, outside shot at rekindling his role as the fifth starter.
Jairo Cuevas, RHP
He's here to impress Cox and company for a shot further down the road.
Mike Hampton, LHP
His odds are at even and he's listed here because of the injuries; no one knows how he will bounce back after being away for two years.
Chuck James, LHP
Yep, he's listed here becuase of all the competition from Reyes, Jurrjens, Bennett and others. If Chuck doesn't show some improvment he might be moved.
Jair Jurrjens, RHP
He's behind Reyes and all accounts are he could really benefit from time at triple-A.
Anthony Lerew, RHP
Holy crap! He's still on the team. Yep. Anyone have any clue what to expect from Lerew?
Charlie Morton, LHP
He gets the even mark because of all the hype. He will likely be ticketed for triple-A.
Chris Resop, RHP
He's a hard thrower and out of options. With a decent spring he makes the club.
Jo-Jo Reyes, LHP
Is he the first choice to step in if Hampton can open the year? I say he get's more time at triple-A.
Jeff Ridgway, LHP
He's the third option for bullpen lefty behind Ohman and Ring.
Royce Ring, LHP
He's a hard throwing lefty who hasn't gotten much love in the past, but count me as one of his fans.
Zach Schreiber, RHP
He's auditioning for a mid-season injury replacment call-up. He could be this year's Joey Devine -- being yo-yo'ed between the majors and the minors.
Phil Stockman, RHP
The other Aussi is still a hard thrower with good control. With injuries behind him he could earn a spot in the pen.
Tyler Yates, RHP
Yeah, he's probably got a spot, but a boy can hope.
Francisley Bueno, LHP
Frank Good is the fourth bullpen lefty on the depth chart. He's auditioning for 2009.
Jorge Campillo, RHP
Hard-throwing righty with little chance of making the team. (But he could be the ghost of Ken Ray.)
Matt DeSalvo, RHP
An organizational arm for the Yankees, he got his feet wet in New York last year. Still, he would be like 10th on the starting pitching depth chart.
Ryan Drese, RHP
Why this guy ever gets chances to pitch in the majors is beyond me.
Arrow Key:
= Chance of making the team is even.
= Chance of making the team is going down.
= Chance of making the team is going up.
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