The Blind Numbers Game

This post has nothing to do with the Atlanta Braves.

I'm kind of bored, and I figured this might be a little good at helping myself as well as anyone reading this to kill some time.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the most numbers-savvy guy.  I generally leave it to others to debate the Heyman-esque stats, and to the heavy-hitters here to point-counterpoint debate the Bill James/Voros McCracken-esque stats, while I tend to keep quiet and carefully read and do my best to comprehend and learn, before throwing in lame quips and retorts.  But I still love baseball, regardless.

Anyway, the following post is the result of reading something this morning, that irked me, because it made a jab at a player (B) that I like, for no real reason, other than the fact that he's young, and I want to see him do well and succeed, so I can say "I told you so," to everyone who overlooks him.

So I present to you all several players, represented only by the first six (official) seasons of their careers.


So, the article was about Player A, who is a free agent, looking to make a boatload of money this off-season.

Well crap, Sac Flies, Hit by Pitch, Intentional Walks, and Vidros get cut off.


In the article, it mentions Player B, and his salary, and uses him as a benchmark, stating that Player A deserves more because he is a better hitter.  I looked at the screen, and thought that that was a little jab, unwarranted, because they mention another factor that concerns many.

Player B's stats:


Some are higher, some are lower, but the fact of the matter is that both of them are quite the prolific mashers.  They both hit for good power, average, get on base, and drive others in.  Given what I know about them both right now, I'd have to say that Player A is indeed the slightly better hitter but I began think about how overlooked Player B really is, overall.

For whom I think is an overlooked guy, Player C is whom Player B is compared to (baseball-reference), through the first six years of his career.  Player C's stats:


Not a bad player to be compared to.

And to keep the game going, I'll throw in some other names into the pool.

Often, I always thought that Player D was most like Player C.  Funny thing is, I often compared Player B to be the younger rival to Player D, and often imagined the two of them in the statistical hitting races when both were older.  Player D's stats:


But it turns out, that on Baseball-reference, Player D was most favorably compared to Player E, throughout the path of his career so far.  Player E's stats:


Turns out that Player E wasn't a bad ballplayer himself, either.

And just to throw one more out there, Player F has nothing to do with the previous players, but I'm including his stats too, just for one more player to guess, as well as the fact that he is quite the prolific hitter himself.


So my conclusion out of all this was that Player B, my boy, is a tremendous hitter in his own right, but seems to fall a step below a lot of the other players mentioned.  But it is still a gigantic compliment to be compared to Player C, and if Player B's career lasts half as long and is half as successful, nobody will say he was ever really a bad baseball player.

So, for my fellow baseball fans - Name Players A through F.  No need to show your work or cite your sources.  I don't care.

Yeah, I realize that six seasons is a small sample, and that this exercise leaves tons of open holes for harsh debates, but take a few steps back and look at it merely as nothing but a simple, harmless guessing game, with no intentions to piss anyone off.  If you're like me, and bored behind a desk in an office, then you'll appreciate a few minutes killed.

Hints are in the first comment box - don't read them if you don't want them; they might make this too easy(ier?).  I'm sure m writing will tip off a lot of these, and most probably won't be too difficult for you baseball savvy folks.  I'll throw up the answers at around 3-4 pm or something, EST, if you guys haven't already figured them all out by then.

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