So an Idea after the Peavy Fallthrough....

I was reading alot of the comments over at MLBTR, and alot of the Posters were talking about how excited they were that we were focusing on free agents because we were going to sign two big names on the free agent market.....and that got me to thinking.


Next year, in 2009, the braves have already shown what type of focus the team wants to have, and that is for the long term.  That is why I think our Front Office wants to view next year as the first step in the process toward being in contention, and are not going all in for it.  We have two major advantages going for us that should allow for us to not take as long as it would take other franchises to get back to being contenders....We have a deep quality farm system, and already have some nice young talent who has shown major league success.


With all this being said, my concern is that the braves in now way should sign two of these 5 pitchers this offseason as many fans want to happen....

AJ Burnett

Derek Lowe

Ryan Dempster

Ben Sheets

Oliver Perez

The reason that we should not sign two of these five is two fold....for one, each pitcher comes with legit red flags, and signing two would take up 30 million of our available 40 million, and we would then have only ten million to sign a powerhitter, Smoltz, a left reliever, Glavine, hampton, and so on.

If we sign one, hopefully Burnett at 15 mill per, or Lowe or Dempster at 13 mill per, we would then have a nice one-two combo in that pitcher and JJ.  We would then have hudson coming back in August and could ease him in as September and the Offseason came around, and would have the pitcher we sign and Hudson and JJ to make a nice foundation for our rotation in 2010 and beyond.


Here is my suggestion as far the second pitching option that we want to feel, and that would be via a trade for a young, controllable pitcher with upside who has shown glimpses of success in the majors.  I am not Considering the Peavys, Vazquezs, Arroyos, or Harangs of the world has they come with red flags and high price tags as well.  nor the Cains, Greinkes, or gutheries, as they would cost too much in prospects,

As a result, here is my suggestions as targets for the braves to go after in terms of a trade that would help our team.....

Jonathan Sanchez

Chris Young

Ian Snell

Jeff Francis

Paul Maholm

Jesse Litsch

Clay Bucholz

Justin Masterson

Andy Sonnastine

Edwin Jackson

Brian Bannister

Nick Blackburn

Glen Perkins

Jeff Neiman

Homer Bailey

Dustin Mcgowan

Shaun Marcum

Jeremy Bonderman


These are just some suggestions as too who we could go out and add to our rotation, as they could prove us with a number 3 in 09 and then add quality depth in 10 once the braves are ready to make some serious runs again.  We could also have the ability to bring Hanson along at a comfortable pace, and let JoJo and Morton have mroe time to develop at triple A.

Just wanted to see yalls suggestions about who we could target besides the above mentioned examples, and what yall thought of this idea.  We would have the money to effectively answer more of our other needs for a few years, and it never hurts to save mone for expected arbitrations and hopeful extensions as we head into the future.


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